SEMAN Energy Optimum Management & Saving

For the achievement of its target, which is the optimum management and saving of electric energy, SEMAN has developed an internationally awarded innovative know-how


The scientific know-how of SEMAN has been rewarded by the University of Cambridge, by American Institutes and by plenty of companies and it provides it the ability to guarantee 100% reliably the final energy saving result.


The application of SEMAN’s know-how in plenty of factories globally and to other heavy energy consuming installations, such as skyscrapers, big hotels and commercial centers led and leads to excellent electric energy saving results.


  • Electric Energy Saving

It is remarkable that at all projects the final electric energy saving result achieved was always enough higher than the guaranteed one, as it results from the reference letters of SEMAN’s customers. At this point, it should also be noted that while the theoretical pay-back period of SEMAN’s innovative electric energy saving project is 2,5-3,5 years, finally it is reduced to 1,5–2 years because of the greater energy saving achieved. Therefore, the customers of SEMAN are absolutely secured, as the calculations are always at the safe side for them and they can expect from the beginning even bigger saving at their electricity cost in comparison to the guaranteed one. The saving percentages regarding the electric energy consumption finally achieved are between 7% - 10% on average.

  • Other benefits

In addition, it should be highlighted that, apart from the electric energy saving, important additional benefits are achieved with SEMAN’s projects for each electrical installation. Some characteristic examples are the following:

  1. the reduction of the maintenance cost of all electrical equipment of the installation,
  2. its more reliable operation by the reduction of undesirable downtimes and
  3. the increase of its reserve. Namely, due to the decongestion of the existing power transformers and general power distribution boards, as well as of the cables, new electric loads that may need to be installed in the future could be supplied by the existing equipment without the need of costly extensions of the electrical installation. The above have been identified by SEMAN customers and are mentioned in detail to the relevant reference letters sent by them.



The guarantee of SEMAN’s project results are:

  • The reference letters that several customers have sent to SEMAN and are mentioned in detail to the successful results identified by them.
  • The assignment by Group of companies of new projects to their other facilities, as soon as the first project assigned to SEMAN has been successfully completed. Such examples constitute the following Groups of companies:

Titan, Coca-Cola, Alumil, Alfa Wood, Italcementi, General Mills, Philip Morris, Fage S.A., Continental, Vodafone, Unilever, Hellenic Petroleum, Ellaktor, Carrefour, Drujba Glassworks, Rajhi Steel, Almarai.


Some of our customers

Coca Cola HBC
Coca Cola 3E
Alfa Wood
General Mills
Ελληνικά πετρέλαια
Drujba Glassworks
Rajhi Steel

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