Innovative Scientific Know-how


The internationally awarded scientific know-how of SEMAN in the field of optimum management and saving of electric energy consists of:

  • The innovative mathematical models for the simulation of the intensive energy consuming electrical installations.

    The mathematical simulation models of electrical installations developed by the scientists of SEMAN concern innovative algorithms based on FEA (Finite Element Algorithms) and Artificial Intelligence. Once all the necessary theoretical data of an intensive energy-consuming electrical installation have been collected and the relevant real time measurements - recordings have been performed, the above mentioned scientific algorithms are applied in order to accurately simulate the operation of both the most energy consuming electric motors and the power transformers at the substations, as well as the interactions produced between the power cables of the electric loads. 

  • The scientific algorithms for the design of the essential customized interventions and the calculation with accuracy of the final energy saving result.

    The results of the above simulations indicate precisely the energy losses inside the electrical installation. In the following, by applying a load flow analysis, which is fed by the above results for the entire electrical installation, all interactions between the electric loads, as well as the harmonics resonance pitch frequencies, the voltage dips, the overcompensations, the power cables overloads, etc., are calculated. The results of the above load flow analysis algorithm lead to the design and construction of the essential customized interventions, with which the optimum energy management and saving is achieved. More detailed information about the innovative mathematical simulation models and the scientific algorithms for the design of the customized saving interventions, as well as scientific publications by SEMAN, can be found in the “menu / icon" "Optimum Management and Saving of Electric Energy by the scientific know-how of SEMAN - Theoretical Validation".

  • The development of specific algorithms, based on the implementation of the relevant international bibliography, for the accurate evaluation of the energy saving result.

    Besides the above mentioned, by applying the relevant international bibliography, SEMAN engineers develop special algorithms for the correlation of the electric energy consumption with the various factors affecting it, such as the various production data, the raw materials, the operation hours, the ambient temperatures etc.. These algorithms are based on statistical analysis techniques or and on artificial intelligence, such as fuzzy sets and neural networks. After the accuracy of such an algorithm is verified based on the historical data of an intensive energy consuming electrical installation, before the commissioning of the electric energy saving scientific project, and provided that its perfect accuracy is assured, then it can be applied for the months following SEMAN’s saving project and hence, it can calculate what the actual electric energy consumption would be if the saving project had not been implemented. By comparing, therefore, the electric energy consumption predicted by the algorithm with the actual electric energy consumption indicated on the monthly electricity invoices, the electric energy saving for each month can be extracted. Based on the international bibliography, the above calculations should be carried out for at least 3-6 months after the saving project is set into operation, in order to extract the final energy saving result with the maximum possible accuracy.


Electric Energy Losses

Reference to the most important energy losses in an electrical installation which SEMAN minimizes

Innovative Scientific Know-how – Practical Applications – Customized Interventions of Implementation

Practical applications – optimum solutions: Harmonics suppression filters


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