History & Development of SEMAN

2006: In May 2006 SEMAN S.A. was founded aiming at the implementation of the know-how that Dr. Satsios had developed with his scientific team and the execution of many projects in Greece and abroad starts with great success.

2011: In September 2011, SEMAN established SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT DMCC company with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. To date, SEMAN and SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT DMCC have completed huge electric energy saving projects with excellent results, as for the steelworks RAJHI STEEL and for ALMARAI, which is the largest dairy factory in the world, both located in Saudi Arabia.

2012: In 2012, the new company SEM SYSTEMS LTD was founded, with head office in Sofia, Bulgaria, right after the implementation of the projects at Drujba Glassworks S.A. in Plovdid and at Alfa Wood Bulgaria S.A. in Varna. SEM SYSTEMS LTD has recently completed its projects to the copper processing company plant of VIOHALCO Holding, SOFIA MED in Sofia and to the wood processing industry of KRONOSPAN Group in Burgas.

2014: In 2014, the new company SCIENTIFIC ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS SRL in Bucharest, Romania, was founded, for the implementation of SEMAN’s electric energy saving know-how at the Romanian industries.

2015: In early 2015, SEMAN signed a strategic agreement with the German company ECO – Mentor, in order to apply its innovative know-how concerning electric energy saving projects to the heavy industry of Germany.


As concerns the latest news of the Group:

  • SEMAN has undertaken new huge projects in USA, in New York and Florida, such as the saving project for PENNSUCO cement plant in Miami, which was completed in May 2016, while, at the same time, the scientific studies for the project implementation at Roanoke cement plant in Virginia, USA, are being prepared.
  • The scientific study for the plant of SUNLIGHT RECΥCLING S.A. at the industrial zone of Komotini, Greece, has been completed and the project implementation will start soon.
  • The scientific study for the Solid Waste Treatment Plant of Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria, has been completed and the project implementation will start soon.
  • Until mid-September 2016, it is expected the assignment of 5 big projects in Saudi Arabia.



Some of our customers

Coca Cola HBC
Coca Cola 3E
Alfa Wood
General Mills
Ελληνικά πετρέλαια
Drujba Glassworks
Rajhi Steel

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