SEMAN guarantees 100% the electric energy saving result at its projects.

More specifically, the following are mentioned to the relevant contract of each project:

  • The minimum saving percentage guaranteed by SEMAN.
  • The penalties that will be applied in case that the guaranteed result by SEMAN is not achieved. For example, if the guaranteed result is 10% and the final achieved one is 9%, then a discount of 10%, [(10-9) / 10 x 100] (%), to the total project cost will be applied, so that project’s payback period remains the same.

The analytical evaluation methodology of the energy saving result is based on measurements and on the International Bibliography. The international bibliography used for the evaluation of the electric energy saving project is included in the following files:

IPMVP Vol 1_2012_EN-27.7.2012

Council Regulation _EEC_ No 183693

North american energy m&v protocol version 1 march 1996

More details regarding the implementation of the International Bibliography for the evaluation of a project’s saving result, as well as an evaluation example, are listed under the menu: Innovative Scientific Know-how.


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